Is there a minimum order for free delivery?
There is no minimum order amount.

Where does Blooms Box deliver to?
We deliver all our products anywhere within Australia.

Is there a delivery fee?
All delivery for metropolitan suburbs around Australia is free. For delivery in rural suburbs, there is an additional $20 delivery charge. Please contact us on hello@bloomsbox.com.au if you would like to check.

Can I customise my Blooms Box?
Definitely. You can add a customised label on the box, have different coloured flowers or have a letter/shape spelt out.

How can I care for my Fresh Blooms?
We source the highest quality blooms for you, so they can brighten your day for longer. Our Fresh Blooms will not last forever, but with proper care, their life span can be extended. Our Fresh Blooms can last up to 5 days with proper care.  It is important to keep your Blooms Box away from direct sunlight or heat.

How can I care for my Eternal Blooms?
Our Eternal Blooms can last up to 3 years with proper care. Each rose has been specially preserved with oils to allow a longer life span, whilst continuing to radiate with the natural beauty and feel of a fresh rose. To maximise life span, do not water the roses, do not expose the roses to direct sunlight or heat, and minimise handling of the roses.

What days of the week can I get my order delivered?
We deliver 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday excluding public holidays. For delivery on a public holiday, contact us on hello@bloomsbox.com.au at least 1 week prior for a customised delivery option.

Does Blooms Box offer next day delivery?
Absolutely. For next day delivery, orders must be placed before 2pm on the day prior to the desired delivery date. For our Eternal Blooms, orders must be placed at least 10 days prior to the desired delivery date. On some occasions, we may be able to accommodate. Email us on hello@bloomsbox.com.au to confirm. It may be your lucky day!

I still have more questions.
Email us on hello@bloomsbox.com.au for an answer within 12 hours.